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Stronger FDM Parts To Change The Direction Of 3D Printing

Posted by Lauren Kirwan on Jul 5, 2017 10:10:30 AM

3D printing has always faced barriers in relation to speed and strength. The regularly used fused deposition modelling (FDM) process of 3D printing carries some tricky issues. However, the possibilities of additive manufacturing has exploded in the last five years.


Restrictions in the past has prevented a vast amount of 3D Printing from being part of the supply chain, yet these obstacles in the near future may be overcome. Design engineers perception of 3D printing could be changed with the lifting of strength and speed barriers. Norston Fontaine, CEO of Stacker, an industrial-grade 3D printer company says: “Empower your designers and engineers to create objects specifically drawn for 3D printing. It takes time to become an expert in 3D printing, but it’s worth putting in the time.”


Fontaine believes that the market of additive manufacturing is moving at a rapid pace from prototypes to production printing. As of now, FDM parts lack the same strength as their counterparts that are traditionally produced. Although Fontaine is aware that their will always be obstacles in the process of 3D printing for production, these obstacles are being overcome right before our eyes. The emerging FlashFuse 3D printing technique which consists of electric welding with nanomaterial technology will solve the FDM printed parts strength issue.  The growth and potential of 3D printed parts for production is extraordinary.

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